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For example, detects the typo in 'ISBN 978-1784713936' Beispiel: "Sehr geehrte Frau Andreas Müller". →  Das Geschlecht stimmt nicht mit der Anrede überein. 'Andreas' ist üblicherweise ein männlicher Vorname. English example: Man returns wallet he fount. → found
Deutsches Beispiel: Der nächste Schrott zum Klassenerhalt ist getan. → Schritt
Exemple français: Son champ nuptial → chant
Some examples:


  • Create two strips with an event amount of wax on each strip. → even
  • I'm kinder bored. → kind of
  • I don’t the answer. → verb missing


  • Da Auto fährt schnell. → Das
  • An machen Stellen könnte es eng werden. → manchen
  • Ich kann ein Häuschen mit Garten mein eigen nennen. → Eigen


  • plus c'est meilleur → meilleur c'est
input: text, output: JSON with the detected errors

Spell Check

Spell Check is a free online sentence checker tool. It supports sentence correction, spelling and grammar check for English, Spanish, Russian, French and more 28 other languages.

Our online spell check tool dedicated for spelling and sentence correction of English, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Swedish, German, Tagalog, Austrian, Danish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Catalan, Khmer, Romanian, Tamil, Slovenian, Ukrainian and more 28 other languages. Our google spell check software is specially developed for several types of grammatical, spelling and sentence corrections possible with high accuracy.

Spell Check

Online spell check

Write or Copy-paste your content into the box and click on "Spell Check".

Sentence Correction

Spellchecker tool will analyses your content and highlight spelling and grammar errors.

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Free sentence correction suggests you multiple words to fix spelling and grammar errors.

Sentence Checker

Our professional sentence checker works effectively on grammar and spelling mistakes. We have a special mechanism that ensures no grammar rule will be ignored while checking. It makes your essay grammarly corrected & proper sentence structured. Free Google spell checker specially designed to check English spell check, Spanish spell check, French spell check, Russian spell check, and more 20 different languages. Lots of simple sentence checker tools are there in the market but they don't have advance sentence detection and correction mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a software application that programs to locate and correct spelling mistakes in your essay and word document. If you are a blogger or content writer, you know the importance of quality content. So it is essential to write high-quality content to sustain in a market. It is challenging to remember all the English grammar rules, even for experienced writers. Therefore, our online essay checker experts check grammatical, spelling, stylistic, misused words & punctuation errors. It suggests appropriate suggestions to fix spelling and grammar errors.

Spell check is an essential task before you are going to publish your article. If your blog post having spelling errors, then it impacts readability for your visitors, then you will lose your ranking. Our spell check tool runs on sentences to identify spelling, grammatical errors in your article. Our grammar checker suggests you to fix errors to get well sentence structure article.

Our free online spell checker tool is highly secure with SSL encryption. We design it to check grammar, punctuation, stylistic syntax, and spelling errors in your text. Our sentence checker has a unique algorithm to check the errors. It compares every word with our stored large English words database to get correctly spelled words with no international standard grammar rules will be ignored. We make your content error-free & we trusted by millions of people around the world. It is compatible with many browsers & devices. It optimizes to high speed for all types of screen devices.

Follow below simple steps to use the tool:

  • 1. Open   Spell Check
  • 2. Write or Copy-paste your content into the box provided. Select the language of American English, Australian English, Canada, etc. that you want to check your content. We support English, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, German, and over 28 other languages. 
  • 3. Click on “Spell Check” then our best sentence checker will scan & checks your text and instantly show you spelling and grammar errors by highlighting the misspelling word with a different color.
  • 4. Click on error word you will get multiple suggestions to fix that spelling and grammar error.

Hope you like our Spellchecker, now onwards if you plan “I want to check my grammar”, you have “Grammica.com”. Send us your precious suggestions and feedback to improve our work.

The sentence checker tool helps you find grammar and spelling mistakes in your text. It is effortless to use & we require no additional software installation. We build our essay checker with advanced sentence correction technology that suggests multiple suggestions to fix your errors. . Our free grammar check using effective grammar and spelling error correction mechanism that other simple sentence checker tools don't have. We are providing absolutely free service for lifelong, there is no registration required nor signup required.
If you are seriously facing spelling and grammar problems for your papers, you have taken the right decision by choosing our tool. Our advanced grammar correction mechanism will help you solve your grammatical, syntax errors. Our grammar corrector tool is trusted by teachers, students, writers, and bloggers all over the world. We make your content SEO friendly, plagiarism-free.

  • 1. Write or Paste your content into the box.
  • 2. Choose a language to check your content.
  • 3. Click on "Spell Check" to start spelling and grammar check.
  • 4. Spellchecker shows detected grammar mistakes in your essay
  • 5. Sentence correction algorithm will suggest you alternate words to fix that error.
  • 1. It is free for a lifetime & unlimited grammar and spell check allowed.
  • 2. Our sentence checker has an advance mechanism for error detection.
  • 3. Our essay checker is secure & supports 28 different language spellcheck.
  • 4. It optimizes to work on all devices and browsers.
  • 5. No registration & additional software installation required.