AI Detector

AI Detector is a free tool to identify AI-written text from Chat GPT 3 and other AI models. You can check the content is written by AI or by humans.

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AI Detector – Free Online AI Content Detector

AI Detector is software that is used to know whether the content or text is AI-generated content or written by a human writer. It is built with machine learning technology that quickly scans the content and provides results with accuracy. This AI Content Checker scores the content between 1% and 100%, if the content is original and written by human then it will have higher score.

Paste the content or text in the given input box and proceed for checking the content. In few seconds results will be displayed showing the percentage of human-written content and AI-generated content.

Check the human-written score of your website contents, blogs, articles, documents, essays, or further contents easily.

Verify your content or text before uploading it to your website or blog. Everyone who is worried about the ranking of their websites must use this tool that can help them to check the human-written score and find out how much content is wrote by AI text writing tool.

Why Use this AI Content Detector?

Our AI Detector is the best tool to know the percentage of AI-written content in your content or text. To rank better in the SERPs, the content of your website must be original and should not have AI-generated content.

As the AI Text generators such as Chat GPT is creating contents such as answers to topics, books, essays, articles, and more. This is the reason that we have developed this AI Content detector. You should ensure that submitted content work to you is not generated by AI text generator.

How does our Chat GPT Detector Works?

  1. Open AI Detector in your browser.
  2. Copy the content or text and paste it in the input box and click the Check
  3. In seconds, the results will be provided showing the score between 1% and 100% of human-written content.

Amazing Features of AI Detector Tool

Following are the features that make this AI content checking tool best to check the percentage of AI-written text in your content.

User-Friendly Interface

This AI Detector has a simple and easy to use interface that makes AI Generated Content detection easier for everyone.

Free to Use

Check the contents or texts multiple times for free with this AI content checker.

Fast and Accurate Results

Get results about your content quickly with high accuracy by a single click.

Highly Accessible

You can use this AI Detector on latest devices such as Computers, Laptops, Mobiles, and Tabs.

Safe Environment

This AI content detecting tool is safe and secure to use for everyone to check the content.

Who can use this AI Content Checker?

It is available for content writers, content publishers, website owners, and for people who want their content to be completely original.

Content Writers – The AI content checking tool is useful for the content writers to check the originality of their content before submitting.

Content Publishers – They can check the content that is submitted by their employee before publishing or finalizing the content.

Website Owners – The owners of website can check their content that is written for their website to ensure that the writer has wrote the content by own and not copied from AI text generator tool.

Teachers – Teachers can check the assignments and projects submitted to them by this AI detector GPT because some students may have completed their writing by using the AI-generated content.

 Students – The students who are worried about their grades should use this AI content checker to make sure their content is completely written by their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ChatGPT Detector?

The Online professional proofreading and editing tool is a web-based application. It is highly secure with SSL encrypted connection. Once you paste your text into an online proofreading service, it will scan your text in real-time. We have a sophisticated error detection and correction algorithm that compares every word of your article and provides an error-free final version.

It is useful for teachers, students, bloggers, and content writers. It is one of the best ways to learn how to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly. It improves your writing skills and provides error-free content. We optimize our applications for many browsers and devices. We have millions of happy customers all over the world.

What is AI Detector?

AI Detector is a free online tool to check the score of human-written content and to know how much content is AI-generated.

How does this AI content detector works?

You have to visit AI Detector in your browser and paste the copied content or text in the given input box and click the Check button then results will be displayed.

Is it free to use?

Yes, it is completely free to use and you can check your content multiple times.