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Remove unwanted line breaks from your text

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Remove line breaks online

Our line break tool helps you to delete unwanted new lines from your word documents. It remove duplicate or copied multiple lines. Here you can find and replace a particular word or sentence from your text. It allows you to substitute any word with its replacement text in a single click.  If you want to remove any word, then you need to type the word and click on the remove.

Delete line breaks have specially designed functions to remove paragraph begins with double or more spaces, begins with single space, begins with Tab, begins with a capital, remove empty lines, remove spaces and Tab at the beginning of paragraphs.

URL List Cleaner

Remove Duplicate URLs from the list

It cleans your duplicate URLs from your URL list. It also helps you to trim your URL to root domain, sub domain, with and without HTTP, with www and without the www prefix. In our tool, you can remove any individual word face by providing the keyword in a search box.

We design it for SEO experts, webmasters to save their precious time. Here you can change your bulk URLs list with a single click. Paste your text and make changes as per your requirement. You can replace a single word or single character by providing it in the box below the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a remove line break?

Remove line break is a free online tool to remove unwanted lines from your text. Its substitute function is handy for webmasters.

How to use remove line break?

Follow the below simple instructions to use it.

1. Open  Remove Line Break

2. Write or paste your content.

3. Click on remove to remove the duplicate lines.

What is a URL List Cleaner?

It is a software program that helps you to remove duplicate URLs from your bulk URL list.

The function of the URL List Cleaner?

1. It removes repeated URLs.

2. It trims all the URLs to the root domain.

3. It corps all the URLs to its sub domain.

4. You can change your URL prefix to HTTP, HTTPS, http://www, and https://www, and more.

5. You can delete any word, sentence, or character from your list.