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Encode and decode your text message with a Morse code translator.

Morse Code Generator

Morse code generator helps you to encode and decode your text message for telecommunication. It helps you to transmit text messages for long-distance communication. We use Morse code converters in aerospace, amateur radio operators, military, and army forces for communication. Our Morse code converter is free and unlimited conversion allowed. Once you enter the text and click on encode, then it converts text to the Morse alphabet. If you want to convert Morse code to text, then click on decode. You can transmit text information for long-distance easily and securely.

International Morse code has 26 English letters (A to Z), 10 numerals (0-9), Latin letters, and punctuation used. Below we listed the Morse code individual letters.

Morse code Decoder

Enter your text information that you need to transmit.

Morse code converter

It converter individual letter into standard Morse code.

Morse code Decoder

We encode and decode the information with a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Morse code?

A combination of dots and dashes forms Morse code. Morse code method used for long-distance communication in an emergency. The characters used In Morse code are dits and dahs or dots and dashes (. & -). In the international Morse code, we used English letters from A to Z and some symbols, Arabic numerals, and punctuations.

How do you use the Morse code?

1. Open  Morse Code Translator

2. Enter the text or message that you want to deliver.

3. Click on encode for text translation to Morse code.

4. Click on decode to get your text message.

Is it safe to use a Morse code translator?

Morse code translator is safe and secure. We connected to the internet with secure connectivity with end-to-end encryption available.