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Plagiarism Checker is a free online plagiarism detector tool. It is one of the best similarity checker software for students, writers, professors, research scholars and authors. Our sophisticated plagiarism detection software examines your essays, research papers, and articles to determine if your work has been plagiarized. If it detects duplicate content, it will notify by highlighting the sentence with a different color. The Grammica plagiarism checker report specifies copyrighted content along with source information. Our plagiarism detector digitally generates plagiarism percentage reports.

Plagiarism and Duplication:

Long ago, nobody talked much about intellectual property rights because all the information was kept in libraries in the form of books. But nowadays the internet has evolved so much, copyright issues have become much more prevalent. Duplication is exponentially increasing due to easy access availability to so much information on the internet. Duplication of even a single sentence or two can have significant consequences including legal action and heavy fines.

Duplication impacts negative on students, webmasters, writers, and anyone else dealing with their respective fields. Students should use a plagiarism checker as a preventative measure to avoid duplication. In some universities, duplication is considered cheating or academic fraud. Some of the institutes may impose penalties, including suspension from the educational institution. The success of a website is determined by its SERP ranking. If your website's content is plagiarized, search engines will not consider it unique, and thus will not consider it worthy of ranking higher. You better make sure the content of your website is not plagiarized.

Reasons for Duplication:

1. Shortage of skill.

2. Easy access to information on the internet.

3. Incomplete knowledge of citing.

4. Insufficient awareness of the concept of plagiarism and its consequences.

Free Plagiarism Check & Detector

Our online free plagiarism checker tool detects duplicate content with an advanced database machine learning algorithm. It is highly secure with SSL encryption & specially developed for students to check plagiarism for essays, research papers & articles. A similarity checker scans your text and runs a plagiarism test algorithm on it.

The plagiarism detector tool examines billions of web pages in real time to find duplicate content. If it detects any copied content, it will alert you by highlighting sentences in a different color. Our free plagiarism checker generates a report card with a percentage of duplicate content in your text with source information along with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism term is originated from the Latin word plagiarius. the Latin word means kidnapper. Plagiarism is defined in different ways in modern dictionaries.

Definition as per the Merriam Webster dictionary

Plagiarism means ideas or words presented as your own (literary or idea theft) without crediting the owner.

Plagiarism checking is a process of identifying duplicate content that is not to be copied from other’s work. It is essentially required for students, and freelance writers while writing research papers and project thesis. Here we provide you the best solution to avoid duplicating your work.

Why is Plagiarism Necessary?

Plagiarism is defined as the use of the same sentence phases in research papers, essays, assignments, project theses, and blog posts by students or writers while you have researched about that topic. Here “Copyright” comes in the picture. Copyright infringement is a law that gives the legal right of ownership to the intellectual property owner. This law is all about protecting products from duplication from unauthorized users. Copyright law includes literary works (written content), Videos (movies), Music, Photographs, painting, and Software, and more category privacy protection. If anyone uses someone’s content without the owner’s permission, then it is considered a crime as per copyright law. Our plagiarism detecting tool helps you find the duplication of your content.

Is it safe to use a plagiarism checker?

Our plagiarism checker is safe and secure with an SSL encrypted connection. We refer to an HTTPS connection so we can protect your data. We are 100% safe in terms of data protection. Once you provide data, we directly process it. We do not save any data of our user.

How does plagiarism checker work?

To avoid duplication, we need to use a plagiarism checker. Our similarity checker is essentially useful for students, teachers, and writers to detect duplicate content in your essays, thesis, and research papers. It only takes a few seconds to complete the entire process of analyzing your text and with billions of web pages and academic papers to find duplicate content. A Similarity checker will show you copied content by highlighting it with a different color. It generates 100% accurate results with copied source information along with it. Our plagiarism detector is trusted by millions of people all over the world.

How do you use a plagiarism checker?

A step-by-step guide to using our plagiarism checker.

1. Open Plagiarism Checker

2. Copy-paste your content into the box provided.

3. Click on “Check Plagiarism” to begin the algorithm test.p>

4. It shows you duplicate content in your text by highlighting it.


5. We hope you like our tool; please send us your feedback so that we can improve it.



1. Copy-paste your content into the box.

2. Click on “Check Plagiarism” to begin the process.

3. Our Similarity checker will scan your text precisely.

4. Anti-plagiarism software will check the text with millions of web pages.

5. If it detects plagiarism content, it highlights the sentence.

6. It generates a report if it detects duplicate content in your article.



1. It is highly secure with SSL encryption.

2. Similarity checker has an advanced searching algorithm.

3. Anti-plagiarism software report 100% accurate results

4. Plagiarism detector specially designed for students, teachers & writers.

5. Plagiarism scanner is trusted by millions of people all over the world.

6. It is completely free to use and produces quick results.

What other services does Grammica provide?

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