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Character Count:

Character count tool calculates the number of characters, words, letters, and lines in your text with letter density.

Letter Count:

Character count is a letter count tool. It helps you to calculate the number of characters, letters, words, lines, and paragraphs in your text content. It mostly uses to write effective text with character limit restriction in social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Our free character count online tool count characters, letters, words, and paragraphs include space. It is useful for writers and students for personal and professional use. It provides you English letters density and word length parameters which other simple character counter tool will not provide.

Character Count Online:

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Char Count:

You can copy-paste or write your text content into the provided area. Once you complete the writing our char count will analysis your text content.

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Character Calculator

Our letter count tool will scan your text content and generates results within a short time and It counts the space as an element.

Text Analysis

Text Character Counter

It provides you the number of letters, characters, words, sentences, lines, and paragraphs in your content with letter density score.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Grammar Check

What is the character count tool?

Character count tool count number of letters, words, sentences, paragraphs in your content. It also checks how many characters, how many words in a paragraph there in your text with letters frequency along with letter density score.

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Benefits of Letter count?

1. It improves your quality of effective English writing skills to overcome character limit restriction on social media.

2. You can count how many characters require for Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, and Snapchat.

3. It is also handy to know character count in word, how many words is 2000 characters, How many sentences is 500 characters.

4. Our free online word counters place a key role in SEO fields due to Google update on quality content.

5. Our word count tool is a deadly need for an SEO expert to optimize the title and meta description of the website.

Text Analysis

How to use character count?

To use this tool you need to follow the below instructions.

1. Open Character Count.

2. Write or Copy paste your content into to text area provided.

3. Our free online character count tool will scan your text content.

4. It provides you words and characters count along with keyword density, letter density score.


  1. Our letter count online tool provides you to write or copy past your own text content into the provided text area section.
  2. Once you complete the writing or paste the content, our extremely faster tool will analyze your text.
  3. It detects how many letters, characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs there in the content.
  4. Our Char count online tool will show the character count, letter frequency, keyword density along with letter density of your text content.


  1. Character count tools 100% safe and secure with SSL Encryption Certification.
  2. It helps you to count Twitter character limit, LinkedIn character limit.
  3. Our letter count essentially useful in SEO to optimize website title and description character length as per Google requirement.
  4. Character count is optimized for all types of screens and browsers of the world.