Typing Test

Typing test offers you 5 minute keyboard typing test to check your typing speed (WPM, CPM) and accuracy.

Online Typing Test:

Typing master test:

Our typing master test will provide you free online type test to check your writing ability by measuring parameters Words per minutes, Character per minutes & Accuracy.

Grammar Check

Fast Typing:

Typing test will provide you typing lesson. You need to type the text content in the provided input box. Once you press the key then the timer will start counting your time and errors.

Spell Check

Typing Practice:

Our quick 5 minute typing test helps you to enhance your typing ability. More practice results to reduce your typing errors that improve your typing accuracy skills.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is a typing test?

Typing test is a process of learning or improving your typing skills. Typing ability measured by the parameters words per minute (WPM), character per minute (CPM) and accuracy. The higher wpm score leads to higher typing score. It measures typing speed for typed words and tests resulted as your typing speed is 30 WPM.

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What is words per minute (WPM)?

Words per minute (WPM) means the number of letters typing in a minute. Words per minute is one of the important measuring parameters while checking your typing speed.

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What is Character per minute (CPM)?

Character per minute (CPM) means the number of characters typing in a minute. CPM is a measuring parameter of typing speed. A higher value leads to high CPM and typing speed.

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Why Typing test is important?

Typing skill is essential for writers and typing speed matters while hiring an employee. Typing test enhances your WPM, CPM, and Accuracy that leads to good typing speed. If typing speed is high then you can quickly communicate with people & saves your time. It enhances your quality of work by reducing typing errors. The more you practice high speed you will achieve.


1. Typing practice test provides you typing tutor lesson on the screen.

2. Start typing the content on the provided input box.

3. Once you start writing the timer will start counting time & errors that you made.

4. It is an advanced typing test that includes alphabets, numbers, special symbols, etc.

5. It provides your typing skills result as WPM, Error Count.


1. It is an online typing practice test tool with advanced features upgraded in it.

2. It provides you 5 minute typing challenge to check your typing skills.

3. It’s a free service and No Signup nor registration required.

4. Our easy typing master is specially designed for beginners for learning typing skills.

5. Our online typing speed checker is compatible with all mobile and desktop versions.