Text Editor

Text Editor is free online Word Editor Software.

Text Editor Online  

Our simple word processing software is a free online word editor tool. Our free text editor is secure with SSL encryption. You can edit your simple word file and save it as a PDF or Word format. It optimizes to work for Mac, Windows, and Android platforms. Simple word editor is compatible with all modern browsers and devices.

Word Editor

Free Word Editor  

Write or paste your text and edit with our online text editor.

Online Word Editor  

Write or paste your text and edit with our online word editor.

Free Text Editor  

Edit your text and save your word file as a PDF or Microsoft Word File for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

A software program application that allows users to view, write, and edits plain text is called “Text Editor”. It is also known as “notepad” but notepad having limited services. The word editor supports many advanced functionalities (Syntax highlighting etc.).
Worlds half of the population using word editors. Several types of editors exist on the internet for different purposes. Notepad is one of the popular default applications installed in windows that support basic text editing features. Software programmers and web developers use advanced word editors with advanced features pre-defined in it.

Our plain text editor tool helps you to edit your plain text. You can find a word from large files and replace it with your wished word from your plain text. You can use copy, paste, and cut the features in it. It helps you to write your text format as bold, italic, underlines, and strike-through. While you edit your text file, if anything is deleted, you can use the undo feature to recover it. Once you complete your work, you can download your work as a google doc or PDF.

If you want to use the word editor, you need to follow the following instructions.

  • 1. Open   Text Editor
  • 2. Write or paste your plain text. 
  • 3. Do necessary changes to your plain text.
  • 4. Once you are done with your work, then save in Word documents or PDF formats.
  • 1. Write or copy-paste your text.
  • 2. Our online text editor allows you to view and edit the text.
  • 3. Word editor supports a large variety of features.
  • 4. You can download edited files as PDF or Word file formats.
  • 1. Our online text editor is free.
  • 2. Online word editor is secure with SSL encryption
  • 3. We optimize it to high speed.
  • 4. It supports Mac, Windows, and Android platforms.